Frequently Asked Questions

Learning to use a transit system can sometimes be a daunting experience and raise a lot of questions about how to get around. A few of our most common questions have been addressed here and we are working on adding additional questions. If you have other questions or need additional information, please contact us so we can assist you.

Who can ride with ECU Transit?

Anybody within the ECU Community and visitors can ride at any time and our services are free to ride.

How can I tell where a bus goes?

All buses are equipped with exterior destination signs which display the route name on the front, curb side, and rear. Additionally, the side destination sign continually scrolls through a list of stops associated with a particular route. If you are ever unsure whether a bus serves the stop you are interested in, please ask the operator and he or she will able to guide you to the right bus.

For a wider view of our service area, take a look at our system maps. Even if your location is not served directly, you may able to use these maps to better plan your trip to a nearby location.

Where can I park to catch the bus?

Commuter shuttles serve the lower lot of Minges Coliseum at the intersection of Charles Boulevard and Ficklen Drive. An additional stop is made further up Ficklen Drive at the Gold Lot. D-Zone parking permit holders can also board the bus at the Curry Court parking lot adjacent to the Carol D. Belk Building. For details on parking locations, please visit Parking & Transportation.

How will I know when my stop is coming up?

All buses play an announcement before each stop to let riders know of the next upcoming stop. You may hear something such as “next stop” or “now approaching” followed by the stop name. Additionally, pay attention to your surroundings to know when you are getting close to your stop. If you are ever unsure about a stop location you are interested in, please ask the operator and he or she will able to help ensure you get off at your stop.

Which bus goes to College Hill?

The only bus which services College Hill directly is our 301 Gold Bus. Additionally, many of our routes will drop off and pick up at Christenbury Gym Bus Terminal which is also a short walk to college hill.

Are Pets allowed on the bus?

Pets are not allowed onboard any ECU Transit vehicle for the safety of our passengers. Service animals are the only exception to this rule.

There is not a bus stop where I want to get off but the bus goes by there, can the driver still let me off?

Buses will only stop at approved bus stop locations. Operators will not be allowed to drop passengers off, or pick up, in other locations not listed as stops. Find the nearest bus stop to the location you are interested in to disembark.

I missed the bus, how am I suppose to get to where I need to go?

If you missed the bus, you will have to wait until the next time that the bus arrives back at your stop. For this reason it is always recommended that you arrive at your stop at least 5 minutes early to allow for changing traffic conditions. In the event you have missed the bus and service has ended for the day, On-Demand rides are available to help get you home. On-Demand rides can be schedule through TransLoc or you can give our office a call and a dispatcher will help set up your ride.