ECU Transit is committed to providing accessible transportation services to riders with disabilities. By working with vehicle manufacturers and product vendors, we are able to outfit fleet vehicles with the necessary equipment and technology to make getting around with mobility devices a little easier. Additionally, frequent inspections and preventative maintenance help ensure safe operation at all times.

Each semester, we work with ECU’s Department for Disability Support Services to reach out to our riders with disabilities or other special needs. This allows us to plan for better allocation of equipment and other resources to aid them in using our system. A point of contact within DSS has been established specifically to address concerns for these riders.

ECU Transit ADA Policies:

  • Mobility devices must fit in the securement area and be secured with straps to be able to ride.
  • Mobility devices cannot be powered by a combustible fuel source such as gas or diesel.
  • Riders who use mobility devices will be asked to lock their wheels or power down their chair before being transported.
  • An optional seat belt is available on all vehicles for riders in the securement area.
  • Service animals are allowed, but must be under the control of their handler.
  • Riders are still subject to all other rider policies set forth by ECU Transit.

Employee ADA Training

Our intensive training program includes sessions specifically geared toward teaching and testing the skills necessary to operate all equipment required for the safe transportation of wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Employees are required to demonstrate both normal and manual operation of all equipment types within the fleet. Periodic refresher training is mandatory, focusing on both equipment operation and customer service.

We have provided a portion of our employee handbook for download, as well as a training video below. This video demonstrates the use of both ramps and lifts on two of the most common fleet vehicle types.


Disability Support Services and Transit Training Video


ADA Orientation

ECU Transit offers riders with disabilities the opportunity to familiarize themselves with our vehicles in a controlled, relaxed environment away from busy areas on campus. Because vehicles used for orientation sessions are not actively in service, they allow ample time for passengers with disabilities to get acquainted with the vehicle features designed to assist and protect them. If you are interested in scheduling an orientation session, please contact our office at 252-328-4724 or by e-mail at