Bicycle Racks

Some ECU Transit buses are equipped with bicycle racks. These racks make it easy to take your bike with you by bus. When you approach the bus, let the operator know you wish to load your bike onto the rack. Your are responsible for loading and unloading your own bike.

To use the bicycle rack, follow these steps:

  1. Pull the handle up to release and then lower the rack until it locks into place.
  2. Place your bike on the rack. The front wheel should go on first, followed by the back wheel. The rack should then hold your bike upright.
  3. Pull the hook out and over the front tire. The hook is spring-loaded, so it will stretch over the tire. This will secure your bike to the rack.

When you arrive at your stop, remember to take your bike with you! To unload your bike, simply remove the hook and lift your bike from the rack. If no other bikes are on the rack, raise it back into place by squeezing the handle and locking it into its original position.

If you want to bring your bike with you, but the bus you want to ride does not have a rack, ask the operator if you can bring it on board with you. When traveling with your bike on board the bus, hold onto it at all times and keep the aisle as clear as possible. If the bus is crowded or the operator knows a large number of people will board later in the same trip, you may not be allowed to bring it on board. It is also up to the operator to determine whether the bike is too large to travel safely or otherwise presents a safety risk to other riders.


How to Use the Bike Rack on ECU Buses