Transit On-Demand Rider Tips

Transit On-Demand is a point-to-point van service which serves the ECU campuses and adjacent areas. This service is provided as a courtesy to help the ECU Community travel around campus safely. We have listed our rules and some helpful tips below to help you navigate our Transit On-Demand service:

Transloc Is Here!

Scheduling a ride with ECU Transit just became easier than ever with the help of Transloc. The Transloc App enables users to quickly schedule a ride through On-Demand using any smart phone or device.

Wait! Before Scheduling A Ride…

Service does not operate or may be limited during game days, most holidays or school breaks; please see the Transit service calendar for any changes to normal service hours. A valid ECU 1 Card is required to ride; only two guests are allowed per valid 1 Card. Vans are only permitted to wait up to three minutes before canceling your pick up as a no show. Dispatchers answer phone calls on a first come, first serve basis and cannot schedule rides in advance.

How to Ride:

Getting around with Transit On-Demand is easy and faster than ever! Here’s how it works:

  • When you need to get picked up, schedule your ride via the Transloc App or dial 252-328-RIDE (7433).
  • Be ready to give your name, pick up location and drop off location. We’ll need this information for everyone who is riding, including guests.
  • You’ll be given an approximate wait time via the Transloc App or through text message; be sure to get to your pick up location a few minutes early and wait where you’re visible to the driver.
  • A message will be sent via text when your On-Demand vehicle is on the way.
  • Have your ECU 1 Card ready! Once the van arrives, show it to the operator before boarding.

On-Demand Rider Policies:

  • In the event of an emergency, please dial 911.
  • Service is limited to the service area at all times (see our service area maps).
  • Once the ride is scheduled, the operator cannot deviate from original request.
  • Riders are limited to 4 rides per night.
  • Each ECU student, staff or faculty member is allowed two guests.
  • On-Demand rides will not duplicate destinations being serviced by a bus route.
    • If your destination is currently being served by a bus route, On-Demand can take you to a campus location to connect with the appropriate route.
  • On-Demand reserves the right to refuse service in any case where it is determined the service is being abused (e.g., multiple rides to a particular location hosting a party).
  • Smoking,  and alcohol, whether open or closed, are prohibited aboard all On-Demand vehicles.
    • The only exception for this rule is for riders who are of age – who book a trip to a shopping location, may transport sealed, unopened alcoholic beverages purchased during a shopping trip.
  • Disruptive behavior which threatens the safety of customers or On-Demand employee will result in police involvement; At all times Transit On-Demand operators have direct communication with the ECU Police Department.
  • Bags can be provided for anyone who is feeling nauseous. Any mishaps due to intoxication while in the van may result in a campus appearance ticket and being barred from On-Demand.
  • Once a van arrives at your location, the driver will wait up to three minutes before canceling. After your ride has been canceled, your ride will be considered as a no show and the van will move on to pick up other customers. If you call back once the ride is deemed a no-show, then your ride may be placed at the end of the que. As a courtesy to other customers waiting on Transit On-Demand, please remember to cancel your trip as needed.