How To Ride with ECU Transit

Sometimes the process of learning to use a transit system like ours can be a bit daunting. Our system is oriented around the university, with the vast majority of our ridership being students going to or from class. Start by familiarizing yourself with our routes; this will help you get acquainted not only with our system, but different areas of town as well. Some people prefer a more adventurous approach and will get on a bus just to see where it goes. Either way, you’re sure to see something new. Below are several of our tips for getting around and rider policies designed with everyone’s safety in mind.

Adaptive Schedules: Peak vs Off-Peak

ECU Transit utilizes adaptive scheduling in order to effectively serve the diverse needs of our riders as well as enhance efficiency. This method allows us to tailor the level of service provided to match capacity demands where possible. Many route schedules refer to peak and off-peak periods. What does this mean?
Ridership typically reaches a peak, or maximum volume, in the morning just before classes begin. There are typically multiple peaks coinciding with class start times and end times.

Once most classes have ended for the day, off-peak ridership reflects less demand for travel to and from campus. During peak ridership times, routes which operate on adaptive schedules will run more frequently, sometimes using multiple buses. This allows for shorter headways between buses and the ability to move more riders in the same amount of time.

Options for Using the System

Several options are available for riders who wish to use our system for getting to, from, or around campus. If you need help planning your trip, simply give us a call and a telecommunicator will be happy to help.

Ride directly from served apartments. Several routes operate to serve off-campus apartment complexes which have chosen to partner with ECU Transit for bus service directly to the property.

Walk to a nearby stop. Although the bus may not come right to your front door, many stops are located within easy walking distance of popular student housing options. A list of stops and the routes which serve them is available.

Take your bike. Some vehicles are now equipped with bicycle racks so you can easily bring your bike with you. Please see our guide to bicycles and bicycle racks for more information.

Venture off campus. If you live on campus, the bus system is a great way to visit friends who live in off-campus apartment complexes. You also have the option of going out to eat or shopping at several off-campus locations around town.

Connections & Transfers

While most service focuses on getting riders to and from campus, additional shuttles are provided to help complete your trip from one location to another. ECU Transit provides routes which can connect commuter students from outlying parking areas back to main campus, or even help riders move between main campus and the health sciences campus. For transfers which require moving from one campus hub to another, a circulator shuttle loops around main campus to connect routes staged in different locations.