553 Copper Beech/ The Voyager/ Pirates Cove

553 Copper Beech/ The Voyager/ Pirates Cove operates to service these three apartment complexes directly. 553 Copper Beech/ The Voyager/ Pirates Cove operates out of the Christenbury Gym Bus Terminal.

553 Copper Beech/ The Voyager/ Pirates Cove Route Schedule:

Monday – Friday 7:00AM – 7:00PM

*Last trip departs campus at 6:30pm
*Transit On-Demand will service stops after route ends. See more here: transit-on-demand

Every 30 Minutes

LocationTimes given are minutes after the hourStop type
HubChristenbury Gym*:00:30Always Stops
2Copper Beech: Clubhouse:05:35Always Stops
3Copper Beech: Back:06:36Always Stops
4Copper Beech: Phase 2:07:37Always Stops
5The Voyager: Back*:12:42Always Stops
6The Voyager: Front:13:43Always Stops
7Pirates Cove: Main Office:18:48Always Stops
8Pirates Cove: Phase 2:19:49Always Stops

*Departure Time Points
Locations in bold with an astrick (*) are considered time points. Time points are stops along the route that have a set time for the vehicle to depart. Other locations listed are not considered to be time points and have approximate departure times. Remember to arrive early to your pickup location to ensure that you arrive at your destination on time. Track your bus by visiting BusTime® for real-time tracking and passenger load.

Remember to pull the stop request cord prior to your stop to let your driver know you would like to get off. Buses may bypass a stop when no passengers are waiting to board and no riders have made a stop request.

BusTime Real Time Map & Arrival Predictions

The direct link to BusTime included here provides real time tracking for this route, including arrival predictions, and upcoming vehicle passenger load occupancy as low, medium or high. For routes which are not currently scheduled to operate, you may see the message “no predictions” for some or all stops. Please check the schedule for operating times or contact us for assistance.

Map of 553 Copper Beech/ The Voyager/ Pirates Cove:

*Click the icon in the top left corner of the map for more information on stop locations.

Stop Locations on the map are approximate. Please find the ECU Transit bus stop signs where available and always arrive early to your stop. Additionally, make it known you would like to board the bus by stepping up to the curb or waving to the driver.